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® Capsim Management Simulations, Inc.

Welcome to Comp-XM
Your Registration Number
If your instructor or school did not give you a Registration Number, you will need to register online using a credit card or checking account. Welcome to Comp-XM® an integrated evaluation tool that will allow , you to demonstrate your business skills. Comp-XM has two sections: 1. A business simulation similar to the one you just completed and 2. A series of quizzes, called Board Queries, that ask questions related to your simulation environment.

The Simulation
Round 1

Board Queries
Board Queries are web-based quizzes that relate directly to the results of your simulation. As CEO, you will report to the Board of
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Comp-XM has 1000 possible points, 500 for your Board Query results and 500 for your Balanced Scorecard.

3 Decision Summaries
Decision entries are made with the Comp-XM Spreadsheet, which is similar to the Capstone Spreadsheet and the Foundation Spreadsheet. Please refer to your Capstone or Foundation Team Member Guide for general information. All Comp-XM simulations utilize the Human Resources and TQM (Total Quality Management)/Sustainability modules. Decisions made in these modules can have wide ranging effects, including influencing product demand, R&D cycle times, productivity, material costs, labor costs and administrative costs. TQM and Human Resource drive the Learning and Growth section of the Balanced Scorecard. Human Resources decisions are made in two locations:

2.1 Board Queries
Board Queries are unique to each participant, although each question covers the same content. If a question applies to a product, the question might be posed about any of the products in the simulation. Each simulation generates different numbers, so each question containing numbers varies by participant. Furthermore, product names and competitor assignments vary from participant to participant.
Here’s an example of a Comp-XM Board Query: You are asked to find the Net Margin for product Biff. Your classmate is asked to find the Net Margin for product Bold.