Essay about Capsim Intended Strategy

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To: J.P. Wilkins, President
Date: [ 05/11/2013 ]
Re: Proposed Direction of the Company

I am writing this memo as a member of the Andrews management team to notify you of the developments made on a preliminary business strategy that we are anticipating to be both successful and exciting. The sensor industry has experienced increasing product demand recently, as well as a universal desire for smaller and faster sensors in both the low and high tech market segments. Through the conduction of an external analysis, we have identified five major competitors within this industry, all sharing a similar control of suppliers and buyers to our company. The main goal of our strategy is to gain an advantage
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The Andrews management team has determined that it will be beneficial to compete in both the low tech and high tech market segments. The first few years of competition in the sensor market have coinciding expectations in terms of the perceptual map between high and low tech segments. Ultimately, the life cycle of our products will begin with an introduction into the market at a point on the bottom right of the perceptual map zone for the high tech market segment. Following the introduction of this new product, it will drift through the desired areas on the perceptual map of the high tech and low tech segments over time. During this period as the needs of the buyers shift to smaller sizes and greater performance levels, we will invest in the development of a new high performance product which will be introduced once our older product is passing through the low tech zone on the perceptual map. Once the old product is no longer in demand for either market it will be discontinued as a new product is introduced. Our company’s plan entails consistently marketing a minimum of two products at any time throughout the competition rounds, and ideally both the low and high tech market segments will be occupied individually by these products.

The core elements of our business strategy will include excellent design of our product (size, performance, MTBF),