Capstone Gen 480 Week 2 Essay

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While in college I did have an ethical dilemma that had aroused. In my second semester of school at a community college I was assigned to do observation hours at a school.
I was looking to work with an underprivileged school in the area, and that was the school I sought out to do my observation. While observing a special education teacher I was asked if I would make up a test for a student with an I.E.P the next day. At first I was flattered until later that day I realized that it was not ok for me to be doing a modified test, as I was not yet a certified teacher. My professor of my education class was also involved at the time of the ethical decision, as I needed his assistance in knowing what was right to do.
Analyze the ethical dilemma
Being that I was still a student in college and did not even yet have my associate’s degree I knew that this teacher knew I was not allowed to perform such a task for a student. It was difficult for me because I wanted to make a good impression and hope to use her as a reference one day when I would be looking for a job. She was a superior for me in this situation and I was supposed to be learning from her and her work experience. I felt as if she had authority over me since I was volunteering my time and that she had more experience. On the other hand I knew that I was being asked to help with her workload and take some stress off of her. Since I did not realize what had really been asked of me until that evening. I waited until the next day to tell her how I felt about the situation. I felt that it was wrong for me to be asked to perform a task that the hiring time would never hire someone with my background in education. I knew that rules were set in place with degrees in becoming a teacher that way you can give the best knowledge to other learners. I did not feel adequate enough to be able to perform such a task. I was also nervous that I would no longer be able to use her as a reference. Also at the end of my observation she needed to write a review on me so that my professor knew exactly how to grade me on the assignment. Well this was also weighing on me because I felt if I was to not provide her with the assistance she asked for she would be upset and not give me the grade I deserved. I contacted me professor to let him know that I was going to tell her I did not think it was right for me to perform a task that I was not qualified for. He voiced…