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Explain how understanding specific English language learners' needs guided the choice of instructional strategies to support the content and language learning.

It is essential to understand English language learners’ needs because ELL students face the combined challenge of learning all the academic content as other students, while also learning the language of instruction. With the rapid growth in the size of the ELL student population in the U.S., teachers who are effective recognizes ELL students unique academic needs, unique background experience, culture, language, personality, interests and attitudes toward learning for the purpose to adjust, or differentiate, their instruction to meet students’ needs.

Explain how the
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how the differentiation of tasks or activities supported the English language learners' content learning and language development. 2. Explain how the differentiation of assessments allowed the English language learners to demonstrate knowledge in various ways. In teaching it is not one size fits all. Differentiation allows the ELL students to show their strength and knowledge. Implementing different strategies that best fits the ELL students learning will allow ELL students to demonstrate their understanding of a context. Understanding the need , strengths and weakness will drive instructional and assessment practice. individual needs, strengths and weaknesses must drive instructional and assessment practice.Choice of learning activities hoice is key to the process. Choice of learning activity as well as choice in the assessment (how the student will demonstrate understanding). 3. The learning tasks always consider the students' strengths/weaknesses. Visual learners will have visual cues, auditory learners will have auditory cues etc. 4. 5. Discuss implications for future teaching: What changes would you make to your instruction if you were to teach this lesson again? Incorporate your understandings of the Sheltered English Instruction