Capstone: Problem Solving and Team Essay

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The management team at the first will be me, and what contractor I am currently working with to bring about a final project. And then I will put on the account hat to fulfill the book work that makes any business comply with standard operating procedures. Like any business we all have many positions to fill. With being the only employee at this time, I will have to fulfill many positions that have the ability to make my business a success. I will be the gofer at times doing the running of product to the contractors. I will be the secretary taking all the phone calls and setting up appointments to complete the sign in process. I will wear many hats, but the same face will be under each hat. The management team and the team concept are two different concepts where the management team can be part of the team concept. The team concept can be anyone who is an employee at the place of work who is part of the team. The management team is people who are in charge of making the business profitable and making day to day decisions that allows the business to be profitable. When setting up your company you are picking the best people that you can find to do the job for you. You have done the work to find the best possible people. One of the most important concepts when developing a team you want to insure that a group that you are putting together is going to succeed in the problem that you will be giving them. You want some people from that area that the problem does exist in, along with someone who does the work before it reaches the problem area, and then again someone after, or the area in which the product goes too. When the team is together a team charter is made so each member knows what is expected of them, (High Performance Team Building, 1996- 2012). This would include the task to which the team is to solve. You want them to know scope of the problem in which you want them to solve, along with the boundaries in which the team is to work. They will have to be given the necessary resources, time, materials and the space in which to solve the dilemma. The group will have to be able to use the TRS system, the one where you have to trust your fellow team mates along with respecting each other and support of one another in getting the job done. Keeping a watchful eye in seeing what is needed along with the willingness to jump in and help when needed, even if the help is not asked for. Being a part of the team gives members the ability to solve the problem, set goals to get the problem taken care of, and make the solve of the problem work. When making the dynamics of each group you want to try to satisfy some of what is called high – levels of our and their needs, (E-Coach, 2012). The three that comes to mind are self-esteem, acceptance and self actualization. We as individuals want those three things as just being part of human, but also excel at being able to get the job done. This applies to effective leadership style that allows the manger to shine through and set the pace of the results that are given when the group completes the problem solving set before them. Some of the strengths that will be used by the team are self- reliance, optimism, skillfulness of knowing what each individual is good at, friendliness, and know what weakness your team members have. In knowing these traits in the team members you can minimize the weaknesses and strive for the best in each member. Weaknesses can include a procrastinator, fearfulness of being able to speak their mind in a way that is helpful to completing the problem set for them to solve. Some people have a lack of conviction to complete the job, lack of discipline leads to wastefulness and impulsiveness is just reacting to what is going on around you and instead of thinking before reacting. All of these weakness leads to the problem not getting solved. When putting together a winning team you start with shared values to inspire visions to