Capstone: Project Management and Dominant Airlines Essay

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Dominant Airlines: Spreading your Wings

“Combining leading-edge business strategy and IT knowledge, to develop efficient and effective solutions that keep businesses one-step ahead.”



Byron Rodriguez – Network Administrator & Lead Technician
Serge Hernandez - Project Manager & Accountant
Liset Benitez – Project Secretary
Emy Ung – Project Engineer - Company Profile / About Us

Founded in 1997 in Denver, Colorado, One Republic Technologies continues to build upon its fundamental commitment of empowering small and medium sized businesses and supporting their mission-critical needs with only the finest certified engineers and cutting-edge technologies. In the years since our inception,

One Republic has grown to be included among the largest consulting firms providing outsourced computer consulting and IT support to the underserved small and mid-sized business community. We serve over 650 business customers and maintain more than 10,000 computer systems throughout the United States.

Despite our continued growth, our goal remains the same: to offer our clients the same advantages of having a large corporate IT department, but at a fraction of the cost. And as a result, our customers realize savings of 40% and more over employing their own, in-house technical staff.
At One Republic, we take great pride in being recognized for our many industry accomplishments. We hold the highest level of certifications from a number of vendors, including Microsoft where we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and VMware (server virtualization) where we hold their Enterprise Certification. We were recently recognized as part of Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 5000” list, and for multiple years, the Denver Business Journal has recognized One Republic as one of the top 10 fastest growing privately owned companies in Colorado.

- Project Introduction

We were contacted by our client Dominant Airlines to build for them 5 terminals at 5 of the most successful and busiest airports within the United States. The locations our client chose was:

1) Miami, FL
2) New York, New York
3) Los Angeles, CA
4) Dallas, TX
5) Chicago, IL

Our main objective is to successfully join Dominant Airlines terminal with each airport in a successfully manner. Each site will be able to accommodate 500+ employees to work with the most up to date technology and with ease. The end goal is to provide only excellence to our new client: Dominant Airlines. We are excited to work hand in hand with them and anticipate great victory.

- Project Scope

Project Name: Dominant Airlines conquers the United States

Airline Name: Dominant Airlines

Objective: Create a Networking plan for the growth & branching out of Dominant Airlines in 5 locations across the United States: Miami, FL; New York, New York; Los Angeles, CA; Dallas, TX

Project Charter: Serge Hernandez, Project Manager

Statement/ Our main objective is to successfully join our terminal with each airport, research the
Project Overview: proper sources in each site for reliable and responsible companies to help us accomplish our goal, which is to build an efficient technology savvy terminal in each airport. We will develop an outline with timeframes for work to be done on each site along with a budget plan. Employees and contractors will be hired by One Republic, Inc based on the task at hand needed to be accomplished. We strive for excellence therefore we expect the same quality from those hired. Each site will accommodate 500+ employees and will meet each and every one of their needs in order to provide an effective, productive work environment with the main goal always being the