Capstone Unit 6 for Human Services Essays

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Surviving in a Domestic Violence Relationship

Unit 6 Project

Kaplan University

May 1, 2011

Sharon Sanders

A few days after I have left a message on her phone that I called Teresa appear in my office with a black eye, broken nose, and bandaged hand. She says that she fell and will be fine soon. She apologizes for
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How will she manage the complex, and for many families enduring relationship with the batterer over time? Creating safety requires that communities also try to eliminate the two sets of risks—physical and material—that children and their mothers face. (Young Children Living with Domestic Violence: The Role of Early Childhood Programs).

Once I have discussed with Teresa all her options that are available to her if she wants help I set her up with an appointment to go to Unity House and to access what services there are available to her.

Unity House will provide her and her children with a range of comprehensive services. Their Domestic Violence Program is part of a successful collaboration with the Troy Police Department, Police Court, Family Court, Probation and the Department of Social Services. With staff co-located at each of these sites, Unity House helps victims obtain orders of protection, accompanies police on calls and works with DSS to move families to safety.

Trained domestic violence counselors are available 24 hours a day to provide crisis intervention, information and referrals to victims of domestic violence and stalking. (In both English and Spanish) as she may feel more comfortable in talking with someone who speaks her language and might be able to understand her better. There are many options and services available and Unity House can help her find the ones that are right for her and her children.

Case Management Services works