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When seeing the collage of red, white, and blue, many minds jump straight to the thought of America. Whether it’s the flag, the country, or the people, America stands out. A certain comic book character, Captain America, can also be recognized for the symbols of this country. He is the hard fighting hero in the comics, whom saves the world during WWII. His strength and heroism proves as a great role model to many aspiring minds. But when talking about Captain America, what is truly noticed? The Captain is recognized everywhere for his mighty shield and undying patriotism. He is also recognized as the ultimate soldier, trained to win any fight. Captain America is a phenomenal soldier. The Captain works diligently to take out Hydra, the main supervillain, and guarantee victory for the allied forces. He leads the tasks to win every fight, despite the odds. His superiority and skill grants him the ranking of a captain. Because of this, he could create his own squads and tactics for specialized missions. But the Captain was not always the great super soldier he is portrayed as. He began as Steve Rogers, a frail teenager who was rejected from the military. He would try again and again to pass and fight for his country, but was denied each time. Eventually, his ambition and persistence lead to Project Rebirth, where a German scientist injects Rogers with the serum, granting him ideal physicality’s and creating the ultimate soldier. Unlike Superman or Wonder woman, the captain received no extraordinary powers. He was no more than a modified man. But the serum did grant him the perfect conditioned strength, agility, and intelligence. This allows the Captain to take on super villains such as the Red Skull as well as other German officials. He could also out compete anyone in his way, due to enhanced agility and muscle structure. As a result to his heroics, Captain America became recognized by everyone as the best soldier. Even those who have never heard of the Captain know of his great military achievements as the ultimate war hero. Captain America isn’t the greatest soldier just for his military skills, but for his iconic shield. In Captain America: The First Avenger, his shield was created by Howard Stark, but that is not so in the comics. Regardless, his shield is crafted from vibranium, an indestructible metal. Vibranium uses vibrations to dissipate the force of any incoming object. Unfortunately, the captain’s shield contains the only existing vibranium samples. This prevents such superior weapons to be reproduced, but also leaves the captain with the only superior weapon of its kind. His super shield provides him with the ultimate weapon. The shield deflects bullets, punches, and lasers while having boomerang-like capabilities. As a result, Captain America uses his shield as an offense projectile as well. He could take out a group of enemies with one throw of his shield, and it would end up right back in his hands. Eventually, the captain would get rid of his handgun, and only use the mighty shield. Everywhere he went, the iconic shield followed. Because of his shield, he became a well-known super hero. Not many other popular comic book characters relied on a shield. The Captain’s shield may be an icon of his image, but his patriotism plays an important role as well. Every super hero character has an outfit/costume unique to the character. Everyone knows the Captain’s outfit mirrors the American flag. It is red, white, and blue colored with stars and stripes designed on. In the Avengers movie, Agent Coulson changes the captain’s outfit, but continues to follow the patriotic scheme of red, white, and blue. His shield also contains the red, white, and blue colors to display the American image. His uniform was specifically designed to