Captain Juan Seguin's Foreigners In Their Own Land

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Foreigners in their own Land

Captain Juan Seguin played an important role in “Foreigners in their own Land.” He was a military leader that fought for Texas Independence. Later on, he became the governor of Texas and he made friends with some Anglo Americans. The Anglo Americans betrayed him, and they took his kindness for weakness. As a result he had to flee Texas and went to Mexico. Before he died, in his memoir, he named himself a foreigner in my own land. If we have to talk about foreigner in their own land, we have to talk about the big land owner in California, named Marion Vallejo. He was filthy rich and he had almost everything before the American came to settle in California. After the Goldrush, more and more Americans came to California, and took some of his land. He went to a court to charge the Americans that took his land, but he had to sell of his land because lawyers fee were too high. Apolinaria Lorenzana faced a similar situation. She had a lot of land before the Americans came into California, but every thing she had is taken by the Americans. But the settlers in New
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In 1610, Santa Fe was made the capital city of New Mexico. New Mexico was a unique place because it has never been really bothered by the Anglo Americans. It has nothing in there that the Anglo Americans wants. It was filled with desert and there wasn’t gold, the attraction of California, and the great land of Texas. Especially, after the Mexican-American war, the majority of Mexican that have been living in the United States moved to New Mexico because it was the safest place to settle. In California, many of Mexican land were taken by the Americans and they couldn’t do anything about it. The same thing happened in Texas, and many Mexican were forced to sell their lands and they were forced to move out. Since New Mexico provide a warm hostility, many of them move to New