Carb. V. Fuel Injected Essay

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Carbureted v. Fuel Injected Although carbureted motors became out dated in 1986, when the new and improved fuel injection came out, they are alike in several ways. Like the vacuum lines that run the carbureted motors compared to the electrical wiring in the fuel injected, the way the transmission shifts, the way the motor runs, and the way the motor acts in cold or warm weather. Though the two engines do the same job, they are very different in very many ways. Vacuum runs almost everything on a carbureted motor just like the electrical system runs almost everything on a fuel injected motor. On a carbureted motor, when the brakes are hit, it opens the vacuum on the brake booster similarly to the way like when the brakes are hit on a fuel injected motor that pushes the cylinder in the master cylinder. But the harder the brakes are hit on the carbureted motor the more vacuum it pulls on the brake booster, just like the harder the brakes are hit on a fuel injected the more pressure the master cylinder puts out on the brake caliper. The way fuel is delivered to the motor is different, on a carbureted the fuel pump is on the motor block. It’s not a electric pump; it has a vacuum in it that pulls the fuel from the tank then delivers it to the carburetor. In the carburetor there is some fuel that is dropped directly in to the motor, but it also has a fuel reservoir on it that puts fuel down in the heads. The reservoir has a float that shuts the fuel off when it gets full so it doesn’t over fill. A fuel injected motor has an electric fuel pump in the fuel tank that sends fuel to the fuel injectors, which is why its call fuel injected. It keeps a steady pressure so the it maintains a steady amount of fuel delivered in the engine. The transmission on a carbureted motor runs off of vacuum. When the truck is building up speed there isn’t much vacuum, but when it levels off the vacuum comes back and pulls a vacuum on the transmission and it shifts. If the vacuum line ever falls off or comes apart the truck will not shift. On a fuel injected motor the way it shifts is a little different. The computer reads how many RPM’s the motor is running and how many RPM’s the rear shaft in the transmission is running. When the time is right the computer tells the transmission to shift. In cold weather the way the motors run are different,…