Carbon Footprint Essay

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The amount of electricity that we are using might soon destroy our world that we live in.
If we continue using aeroplanes the way we do, we will need to cut down the amount of times we use them in about 5 years time as the fumes that the planes give off are about 10,000 worst than normal fumes.
Rather than taking plane when you go abroad, one could take a boat and then hire a car, use the public transport facilities in that country.
The ice caps are melting that we barely have time to count how many are disappearing.
The carbon footprint is having a huge effect on our world. We could all reduce our carbon footprint by our daily habits.
For instance with electricity we could choose to turn our lights off when we are not in a room, we could turn the television, laptop, computer, microwave, printer from the mains as it is still using electricity while it is plugged in.
Instead of using the car to travel short or long distances, we could walk, bicycle or use public transport. Biking and walking would get us fitter and it would help with the environment.
Instead of cutting large amounts of trees down, why don’t we plant 3 trees for every 1 tree we cut down?
We could save the trees by recycling paper rather than just throwing it away with all the other rubbish to be dumped into a landfill sight.
We could stop the world from becoming a huge landfill sight if only we stopped to think abit more and started recycling a lot more.
We could become more