Essay about Carbon: Futurology and Rational Thought

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The End of the World As We Know It Throughout the history of the earth there has always been doomsday prophecies pending the untimely demise of our planet and its inhabitance. Observably it is evident that the world did not succumb to its annihilation based off the mere fact that the message about our misjudged destruction is currently being received. If you are superstitious and feel like this topic is ‘tempting fate’, knocking on wood will counteract the influence this topic will have on the outcome of the world. It is a curious thing, how humans are so easily influenced to act irrationally without a known cause…
What started as myths foretelling the end of great civilizations evolved through time into religious conspiracies. Due to globalization we now experience worldwide illusions that cause a large number of the population to be consumed by fear and succumb to farfetched apocalyptic theories. People across the world have fallen victim to past present and future doomsday prophesies due to the lack of rational thought and the initiative to do their own research on behalf of the truth.
There has been hundreds of recorded apocalyptic predictions that date back as far as 634 BCE where it was believed that 12 eagles would return to destroy the Roman Empire (A Brief, 1996). People in these times were uneducated about science and the universe which caused them to be easily manipulated into jumping to conclusions, believing conspiracies that have no hard evidence. If someone in Rome were to prove this prediction as true or false, they would need to find the source of the prediction and determine if the source has strong enough evidence to prove what will cause the end of the world. But really who is one man to release that kind of information? These predictions continue to occur exponentially throughout history. With our increasing access to knowledge we create more possibilities for the world to end. Although our knowledge grows with time, our rational thought seemingly advanced at a slower rate which to date causes a doomsday prediction roughly every ten years (JRE, 2013).
This modern society that we live in is infatuated with the media and trending gossip, the global message of destruction is one of the main interests within the media today. The recent December 21, 2012 prediction was advertised through T.V, movies, radio and countless articles that consumed the thoughts of the world. France, Russia, Britain, Serbia, Italy, China, United States and a few other countries were all hotspots whose citizens actively participated in the 2012 prediction, leading to people hiding in bunkers, end of the world parties, and camping out on mountains in the hopes to be abducted by aliens to leave the earth (Doomsday, 2013). Predictions about what was going to cause the end of the world includes: solar flares, polar shifts, mass floods, global warfare, comets, the list continues. These predictions cover every apocalyptic event commonly known to man which demonstrates the lack of legitimacy of these events individually occurring. Astral physicist Neil deGrasse explains in an interview with Joe Rogan that the likelihood…