Cardiovascular endurance is the body Essay

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Cardiovascular endurance is the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to muscles while they are working. A good way of training cardiovascular endurance is continuous (long) training. The specific method that is great for cardiovascular endurance is suicide runs. This involves using the full size of a football pitch; you start from the goal line and run to each line of the football pitch. Firstly you run to the 6 yard box and back then the 18 yard box and back then the half way line and back and you do this for both sides of the football pitch. For this exercise to be intense you must try and complete the run in as fast time as possible ideally 2 minutes. This is a great exercise for cardiovascular endurance also it relates highly to sports especially football. This is because in football you do a lot of running up and down the pitch in an attempt to regain possession of the ball.

Muscular endurance is the ability to move a muscle group repeatedly and exert force against endurance. A good way of training component of fitness is continuously throwing jabs at boxing pads. For this exercise to be intense you must do it for a longer time period. A healthy person would probably do 45 seconds work and 45 seconds rest, for this exercise it is important that when it hurts you continue as this will get you the best results. This is a great exercise for a boxer as you know they always throw punches and need extremely good muscular endurance to last the full 12 rounds. If a boxer didn’t have muscular endurance he wouldn’t be able to last long in match and the boxers would have a lot of lactic acid build up.

Strength is the quality or state of being physically strong. To have good strength you will need to be experience hypertrophy. This is the growth or increase in size of muscle cells. Exercises that are good for strength are weight lifting. Bench press is a classic, great exercise to use when gaining strength. Bench press includes a bar which you put weight on considering how much you can lift. You pick the bar up from the stand whilst you lay down on a bench. Then you bring the bar towards your chest, and press. To gain strength from this you need to low reps with big weight and a 1:30 rest period. A footballer needs good strength to hold of attackers when they are approaching the ball, or battling for balls 1 on 1. If a player does not have good strength he will always be beaten in battles with opponents.

Flexibility is defined as the range of the motion available in joints or the ability to move your joints freely. Flexibly can only be achieved by continuously training it. For example if you are extremely flexible and you are able to do they splits, you don’t stretch and do the splits every day you will one day find you can’t do it. So if you are not particular flexible you must stretch most days and try to go to yoga classes. A good way of increasing your flexibility is yoga. This exercise includes various different stretches which are carried out…