Cardiovascular Exercise Program Essay

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Cardiovascular Exercise Program My cardiovascular exercise program consists of very high vigorous activity. This program is called Insanity. These videos consist of one hour of extreme exercise to build cardio and kill fat. The program consists of three to four minute intervals of intense activity at the highest capacity possible. I had to do this six days a week for sixty days. The types of exercise in these videos are plyometrics, running, and resistance training. After the first month it only got harder with the workouts extending to one hour and a half and the rest time depleting from one minute between intervals to thirty seconds. I was extremely surprised by the results I was having I went from a resting heart rate of over eighty-five to where I am now sixty-nine beats per minute. When I started this exercise program my intentions were purely exterior I just wanted to look good but after a few weeks I found myself falling in love with exercise and the way it made me feel. I was not only looking better but I was getting faster and feeling so much healthier. I was able to do things I wasn’t able to before and do the things I could do more efficiently. The health benefits were beginning to out way the reason I began it all. The weirdest part of it was that the more I exercised the more I found myself wanted different types of food which were mainly healthy foods. This exercise program took me from two hundred and eighty five pounds to two hundred and thirty pounds