Care: Communication and Eye Contact Essay

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1. identify different reasons why people communicate.

As a life skill communication is important as we use it on a daily basis.We use communication in health and social care so people can express their needs regarding personal care and other aspects of care such as assisting with meals, activities and toileting. Information is key when communicating as the information that we are given is correct and the information that we pass over is also correct. In my work setting it is important that i had build relationships with residents as we have to earn their trust and also that we know their daily rountine.All residents has the right to ask questions, for the residents that cant commiuncate verbally we ask them questions to a yes or no answer. If the questions we ask are not understood then the question has to be rephrased. Questions are asked twice so that the answer is given is correct. Members of staff have to reassure at all times as we are working in their home.All resident socialise by family visiting or going out on trips. Communication is important so trip are arranged such as where the place is, transport has been booked and also money has been arranged. We use all aspects of communication which are, verbal, non verbal. verbal communication is when we communicate our message verbally to whoever is receiving the message.Verbal communication methods are;
Linguistic tone

Non verbal communication is using gestures.Non verbal communication methods include; eye contact touch physical gestures body language behaviour 2. Explain how effective communication affects aspects of own work.

In my work setting effective communication in important as i have to understand each client and assist them with their daily rountine. Communication has to be clear and correct so that my client understands the questions that i am giving and that the respone is correct. If i was not able to communicate with my clients then services would be unsuccessful. Different types of communication will be used depending on which client i am assisting.

3. Explain why it is important to observe an individual's reactions when communicating with them.

It is important to observe and clients reaction because the may be communicating though body language, gestures or expression. It is my role to observe their reactions. When observing these