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Back in 1880’s Garfield was president and drugs that are being sold by drug lords were used as medicine by doctors. Many doctors back then knew so little about medicine. Oftentimes there were unsterile and unsafe practices on patients. Historians believe that a massive infection is what contributed to Garfield’s death. Back then because of the lack of success by doctors; their services were very much affordable even for middle class families. However, as times have changed and as technology have progressed, the cost of medical instruments and healthcare has significantly rose. Since Roosevelt proposed a “New Deal” package every Democratic President elected has made a great effort to pass a universal health care. Everyone has failed until recently when President Obama has created a universal healthcare known as, Obamacare. Obamacare is a way of stripping people of their own hard-earned money and an advocacy for people to join welfare.
Obamacare health insurance policies cost significantly more than the penalty tax that are imposed on people. The main problem that people have with Obamacare is that it feels as though they do not have a choice. Tax payers are pushed against a wall being forced to pay penalties for not having insurance. They feel obligated in purchasing something they cannot afford just to save themselves from a tax penalty. No matter which way a person goes they are automatically losing money. Some people are healthy and have gone years without seeing a doctor, now they are being forced into paying for a health plan they may hardly use.
The individual mandate was effective since January 1st, 2014. The penalty for not having health insurance is applied to a persons’ year-end federal modified adjusted gross income for each month a person does not have health insurance. The individual mandate is part of the shared responsibly provision. IT is called an individual shared responsibility fee. The fee is if a person does not have health insurance by January 31st , 2014 or obtain an exemption