Care Of Children With Diabetes In The School And Day Care Setting

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Care of Children With Diabetes in the School and Day Care Setting The American Diabetes Association gives a general guideline for day care providers and school systems, to effectively provide a safe environment for children with diabetes to participate in the school experience. This article also establishes the laws intact to help personnel define acceptable and unacceptable practices. In the first section of the article, the federal laws that protect children with diabetes are noted. These laws states that diabetes has been considered to be a disability and it’s illegal for day care centers and/ or schools to discriminate against children with disabilities. Programs that receive federal funding or is considered open to the public, they must reasonably accommodate the needs of these children with little disruption to the routine of the child or personnel. Some day care centers may refuse enrollment of children with diabetes despite these protections. In the second section, the ways that personnel can facilitate the appropriate care of the student with diabetes is discussed. It states that studies have shown that the majority of school personnel have an inadequate understanding of diabetes. All personnel who interact with the child, including day care providers, teachers, school administrators, school coaches, school nurses, health aides, bus drivers, and secretaries must all be educated