Care of Residents and General Social Care Essay

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QCF Diploma level 3
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The following ‘outcomes’, need to be met, to show your assessor competency of your work practices.
The following outcomes need to be answered to your own working practices, and service users. The enclosed examples are based on elderly/
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|ensures the environment is free from hazards, equipment is | |
|clean and safe, and that Josie’s clothing and footwear are | |
|appropriate. | |
|Anne works for a domiciliary care agency and is visiting |Promotes effective methods for infection prevention and control to |
|Hazel, who has infected leg ulcers. Before starting work, Anne|protect Hazel and subsequent people she is supporting. |
|washes her hands and dons an apron and gloves. After she has | |
|assisted Hazel, Anne removes her apron and gloves and, once | |
|these have been disposed of, she washes her hands and applies | |
|an alcohol-based hand rub. | |
|Ralph is working in a residential care home when the fire |Ensuring the safety of the residents by helping people exit from the |
|alarm sounds. He helps residents to