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My Career Action plan consists of what I have learned about myself, my future occupation, my success, what the “High Fives” have thought me, access to opportunities, and events that have influenced my career path.
My occupation of interest is business marketer; its NOC number is 4163 and it has an average salary of $50,890. Their duties range from planning and consultation of a new business to creating advertising campaigns, and conducting market research. The working conditions consist of meetings, and long work hours. In order to become a business marketer you must have a bachelor in economics, commerce, and business administration. Jobs one can receive as a business marketer are advertising consultant, media co-coordinator, fundraising consultant, etc.
In high school I am taking business, math, and English courses and am going to continue to take these courses to help me prepare for post secondary education to study five essential courses in order to become a successful were include; marketing research paper, theories of marketing, judgment and decision making, experimental design, and seminar in consumer behaviour. By taking these courses it will help me fulfill my goal to become a business marketer in the near future. An employment opportunity I have taken advantage of is working at a local grocer; by working there I was able to grasp a better understanding about how the business world works. Also I have taken advantage of volunteer experiences that have helped me become as better “peoples person” This will help in my Career action plan by getting a better idea of how people think which will help in marketing.
Success is measured by the effort put into a task and level of achievement someone receives when doing a job or task. Some of the skills that I possess are communicating with others, knowing my strengths and weaknesses. These skills are useful as a business marketer because by being able to communicate you are able to incorporate the ideas and knowledge of others and to be to working as quickly and as efficiently as possible. By knowing my strengths and weaknesses I am able to make build on my strengths, reduce weakness, take advantage of opportunities, and offset threats. By having these skills and am able to make more informed decisions. Interests of mine include designing ads, using photo-shop programs, and to try to develop new products. This is important to the career I am trying to pursue because these are all things a business marketer must do to become successful. Values that I stand for are acceptance, honesty, and trust. These values are important because with out them a business marketer would not be able to sell the product they are trying to sell because consumers and companies with not