Career Advancing Essay

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Now that I’m in college, I plan to learn a lot and find out who I am as a person. Since I’m currently a sophomore in college, I’m beginning to realize my strengths and weaknesses. One of my weaknesses that I would like to develop before graduating is my public speaking. In my paper, I am going to discuss why I want to develop this soft skill and how it will help me in the business world. This semester, I began taking Public Presentation. At first, I was nervous about the class because I’ve never liked speaking in front of people. Even though speaking in front of people is hard for me, I did see the class as exciting and helpful. I saw the class as exciting because it’s always fun to tell people about you or discuss an interesting topic. The class is helpful because it can help me with my projection and pronunciation. I believe that Public Presentation will not only help me with specific presentations, but it can also help me with my communication skills. Even though I’m majoring in Business Management, I plan to go very far with my singing career. Since I’m minoring in Voice, opportunities may come my way and I want to be able to communicate with people to reach my goals. Since I’ve been taking Public Presentation, I’ve learned the different types of speaking and how to present myself in a professional way. While I’m learning more and more about Public Presentation, I’m starting to get better at my public speaking skills. My confidence is higher, my projection is…