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According to my aptitude results, I am a decisive and practical thinking individual who access arguments and different aspects with a logical perspective. This reflection tells me that I am an individual who uses practical and logical knowledge when I approach arguments and it allows me to strategize what move I make next from a well, constructed thought process. This type of thinking process allows me to determine whether or not something is practical and therefore, allows me to disregard emotion and determine what is best from a logical standpoint versus a passion driven argument.

One of the most intimidating aspects of persuasion is the ability to pour emotion into your words in order to influence an individual(s), but at the same time using logical information to justify such an emotional argument. That being said, I can address each situation with a clear head and pick out the information that is involved in the argument. Basically the argument with the best logically supported points is the particular one I go for.

Persuasive communication maybe able to assist me in my career by showing my superiors and co-workers that I base my decisions on facts and not sheer emotions. This particular skill can allow me to advance my career by showing others that I thrive on facts and information to support my claims. When it comes to profitability, companies do not simply rely on good feelings, but raw data which supports new