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The two arguments I found most compelling was my father who argued, “You should consider a career in business. You will have infinite career options.” and my best friend who stated, “You should consider a career in information technology. No other degree concentration is as innovative.” My father’s advice on business interests me because, although overgeneralized he is right about so many career possibilities. My best friend’s argument for the IT career field interests me because, well, that is the degree that I am currently working on.

The logical error is the overgeneralized statement my father made about a business career having “infinite career options.” The word infinite is inexhaustible, which, although virtually endless, career choices are not infinite. Even though the statement if flawed, he has a valid point. Job opportunities could include management, CFO/CEO, running my own company from home, heading a non-profit organization, etc.

I find an error in truth to the argument, “No other degree concentration is as innovative.” This implies that no other career field is as cutting edge as information technology. How does he define innovative? What does he compare it to? For instance, medical and engineering are two fields that are, each in their own right, as cutting edge as IT.

Advances in medicine have invented ways to perform minimally invasive surgical outpatient procedures that, until recent history, would have meant a hospital stay and