Career As A Medical Assistant

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In pursuing my degree in Bachelor of Science in Health Care
Administration, a medical assistance is a great field. It has a wide variety of other opportunities available. There are so much room for advancement and job placement. South Carolina is a great state to pursue this career path.
A medical assistant work alongside with physicians. It is one of the nation’s fastest growing careers. They have administrative duties and clinical duties. The duties are greeting patients, answering phones, scheduling appointments, billing and book keeping on the administrative side. On the clinical side but not limit to, preparing patients for exams, authorizing prescription refills, removing sutures and changing dressings and taking medical histories.
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There is no work experience needed in this field. However, most medical assistance has postsecondary non degree award as a certificate.
And some just use their high school diploma or GED and learn through on the job training. Medical assistant programs are available through technical schools, community colleges, vocational schools and universities in about a year. Some programs also offer a two-year program. (Occupational
Information Network: Medical Assistants)
There are three major areas that a medical assistance needs to be solid in; that is the clinical, administrative, and laboratory side. All which is believed to have great personality and skill traits. Customer service, communication, humility, and team player are skills that I learned from on the job experiences. They are my strengths that I am able to take daily on my job and add to my daily routine in life and on the job. My skill set is that I learn it is ok to outline what you need to do in order to brainstorm. My biggest weakness is sometimes I try to cram too much in within a small amount of time. With the combination of the two, personality traits and skill sets my field of study is a perfect
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I am honor to be able to use the career services at KU.
In five years from now, I see myself graduating and started back to school pursuing my masters in health care. I also see myself in a doctor’s office grasping all the knowledge I can and moving up in a management position. With great opportunities, I see myself as an educated woman. In today’s society education is needed to advance. The sky is limitless to the education I plan to have five years from now.
In my conclusion of my career path as a medical assistance,
I have learned the process of what is needed to become a medical assistance. I also found out what I needed for my education requirements. My personality traits and skill sets are very essential. With a summary of those criteria, I establish my goals. With these goals I learned how important and beneficial the KU career services are. And in my conclusion, I gave a summary of where I see myself in five years. In obtaining my bachelor, I am in a learning process every time I complete an assignment and with this knowledge I will further my education.
(Occupational Information Network: Medical