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As a young boy I often wondered what I would be when i grew up. I changed my mind many times throughout the years but after my mom told me it would happen in due time I didn’t worry about it anymore. I just tried living my life the best that I could with the absence of a father. I grew up in a rough neighborhood full of crime in Los Angeles, California. While living in a place where crime is so prevalent one must have a strong mind and not be easily influenced by others. Being a leader and not a follower is essential, or the streets can consume you. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way and began following the in crowd. At that point in my life I just needed a father figure to get me back on the right track. Being that all of the males in my family were either in prison, dead or in the same boat as me, I really didn't have anyone to go to. Eventually I got in so much trouble that my mom moved my family and I away from the crime and to a better neighborhood. I didnt like the new neighborhood much because there weren't really any kids my age so I just played by myself. One evening, around five or six, I went to the basketball court and began shooting hoops like I normally would. As I was going for my last shot, I felt a tap on my shoulder. The hard tap triggered me to turn around. There, behind me was Penuel. Penuel was an architect in his thirties that lived in Lakewood, California. He told me that I played basketball just like his son did before he died. After he said that he walked away. I got my ball and ran after him and asked him more about his son and what happened to him. We walked and talked for a while and he told me he would walk me home. As we approached my street, he told me that we weren't too far from his house. Once we arrived at my house we discovered that we were next door neighbors. After a while Penuel started treating me like his own. I never really had any men in my life so I was very happy he took me in. The next summer, when I wasn’t in school, he took me to work with him so I could stay away from the trouble in the streets. I learned how to build a house, put in tile, and do a little bit of electricity work that summer. Penuel told me that if I did well in school and I was willing to learn, he would teach me everything he knew about the architectural engineering field. To get a job I would need a degree so I got serious about school and got my act together. After a few years we moved again but this time to Texas and I never saw Penuel again. It was hard not having him around because for two years he was my only role model. Living in Texas was a big change for me but I had to get over that because I was in entering into an important four years of my life, high school. The point of time in life where I had to decide what I wanted to do career wise was approaching. I wasn't very serious about school my freshman and sophomore year. Not having Penuel around really took a toll on me and caused me to rebel. Another two years passed by and it was the summer before my junior year. In two more years I would be an adult and I was no where near ready for the responsibilities of being one. The pressure of figuring out what I wanted to do the rest of my life was really heavy. I didn't know how to do anything but what Penuel taught me so I decided to be an architect. Finally, after 16 years of growing up and changing my mind about what I wanted to do career wise I came to a decision. Thanks to Penuel I figured out how I would succeed in the world.
Architectural engineering deals with integrated design, construction, and the operation of buildings and other structures. Most people get architecture and architectural engineering mixed up a lot. Architectural engineers focus on mostly the structural design of the buildings. They also design and mess with heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, electricity, and more that has to do with construction. When engineering a building,