Career: Choosing A Career To Become A Military Nurse

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Elizabeth Munoz
Mr. Overlie
English 2 Block 5
15 December 2014
Choosing a career is harder because there are so many to choose from. It’s important to choose the right one because its the job that you are going to do for the rest of your life unless if you want to study for more careers.My dream career is to become a nurse. nursing is an easy and fast career. Not only that but i got to help people out. Once you get to get your degrees its really easy to get a job in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.
Nursing is easy and fast because it only takes at least 4 years. It depends on what type of nurse you want to be. There are many different type of nurses, and many ways to categorize the various nursing rules. Most popular nurses are de diatric nurses, nurses who are focused on women's health and ER nurses.
To be able to get a nursing career you would first need to finish high school. In high school you can take classes that can help you in a college and be able to get your degree. some classes that you can take are chemistry and physics, but it depends on what type of nurse you what to be. The kind of nurse that i want to be is a military nurse.
The type of military nurse that i want to be isa nursing director.
What a nursing director duos is oversees all aspects of a departments nursing staff and hospital administrators. also called the nursing supervisor in some organizations ­­

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usually rises through the ranks with people skills, project­management