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My name is Mikey Paz. I was born and raised here in Carrollton Georgia. The first time I considered acting as a career I visited L.A when I was thirteen. My family and I walked around Hollywood and the atmosphere there was so surreal. I definitely decided I wanted to pursue an acting career when I had to act in a play for my literature class. I loved the feeling of being able to keep everyone intrigued by what I was saying, and to portray the role as I saw fit. The things important to me are different film projects. I see film as more than just television or movies; I see them as works of art and creations that really speak to people.
My goal is like any other pursuing actor’s goal is. To make people laugh, cry, and make their emotions flair with my portrayal of a certain role. I want to be able to have a key role in a film project that a lot of people enjoy.
Personal strengths you will need as an actor is to be a quick learner, be mature, be creative, and to be determined and driven. As an actor you will need to be a quick learner to remember you script and be able to interpret it the right way. You will need to be mature about some of the lines or actions you’ll need to perform for the project. Creativity is key for an actor, improvise don’t act word for word from the script, it shows no emotion. You won’t always get that role after the first audition, but don’t let this make you believe you’re not a good actor. Keep working for it.
Professional skills for acting include speaking skills, memorization, and in some cases physical stamina and persistence in some cases. You can’t act with a speech impediment, practice talking to different people and read out loud whenever you do read. As I said before, you have to memorize your lines and your script. You can’t do that without a good memory. While not in most cases,