Career Essay: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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The first job field that I have an interest in is medical assisting, and the skills needed to work in this field include having good communication skills, clinical skills learned in school, and administrative skills. These are a mix of soft and hard skills. Medical assistants have a wide variety of responsibilities, including taking care of a patient’s medical history, taking vital signs, assisting doctors with certain procedures, taking samples for lab testing, scheduling appointments, and managing payments. Nationally they earn about fifteen dollars an hour, but it really depends on where you work, and how long you’ve worked for the company. The work environment seems like it would be crazy due to the high number of tasks required of the MA. Depending on whether you work in a …show more content…
They work under the guidance of a physical therapist and help patients recover from injuries, or illnesses. They also help patients manage their pain. The skills needed to work in this field include, being able to think critically, follow directions well, have good communications skills, be intelligent, flexible, and compassionate. These are mainly soft skills that a person has to possess, and they’re not learned skills. PTA’s review the physical therapists plan for the patient, perform therapeutic exercises, messages, and other techniques on a patient, and report back to the physical therapist on the patient’s response to certain treatments or techniques. Annually, PTA’s earn up to fifty-eight thousand five hundred dollars. The work environment probably has its ups and downs, from being crazy to relaxed. The work environment also depends on the worker’s relationships with coworkers and patients as with any other job. In order to obtain a certificate or degree in this field you need to go through at least one year of schooling. Just as with nursing and possibly medical assisting the future looks bright within this