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Career Exploration Plan Section one: Career Interests Profiler

My Career Interest Areas
1. Registered Nurse
Provides medical care and treatment, educates patients about their conditions, and provides emotional support to patients and families. Works in hospitals, schools, clinics or community health centers. Works under the supervision of a physician or other specialist. Ect…
2. Nursing Instructor/ Professor
Teaches nursing students with a combination of classroom instruction and clinical training, Teaches academic subjects needed as the foundation for nursing, such as anatomy and chemistry, and also job skills required for direct patient care. Teaches at a college or in a hospital or other clinical settings.
3. Medical/ Clinical social worker
Works with clients and family members to deal with difficult situations, and also to diagnose and treat emotional disorders and mental or behavioral problems.

What careers are you most interested in researching further?
I would like to be an Registered Nurse but not forever just to start out as the further my career as a Doctor.
I think being an Registered Nurse will be right up my alley for what I want to pursue. What did you learn from completing the Career Interests Profiler?
I learned a little bit more about a couple of careers, but I have my mind set on what I want to go to school for and I really don’t think ill be changing it at all.

Section two: Career Interests Profiler
My Job Market Research Results

Job One
Job Two
Job Three
Career / Job
Registered Nurse
Nurse Practitioner
Intensive / Critical Care Nurse
Education level
Bachelors Degree
High school diploma