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Career Fair
The event I attended was Career Fair held by the Lubar School on Thursday, February
19, 2015. This event lasted from 1:00 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. I chose this event because it had a potential to land me an internship to get my career jumpstarted and getting to know more about the local job opportunities. Career Fair was packed. The halls of the School of Lubar was lined with tables all the way up to the third floor being attended by representatives of local area companies with lots of information and opportunities. I spent the day wandering the halls getting information and speaking to many company representatives and learning about their respective company.
The School of Lubar’s main objective was to help UW-Milwaukee business students find a potential job opportunity or internship. It is even more helpful to the students who are about to graduate and find eventual employment after graduation. I learned that the School of Lubar does a lot more than just help and advise students academically, but with so much more. The School of Lubar helps students prepare resumes, finding internships to finding jobs after graduation.
I feel that the School of Lubar is one of the best organizations there is in the college education world. The School of Lubar does a lot to help its students succeed in the real world. This organization helps you build a solid resume then helps you find an internship or job opportunity. Then they gather a great amount of surrounding local job employers along with big