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My career goals are to graduate high school. Then after high school attend college and play college basketball for division 1 school. When I was growing my dream goal was to always make it to the nba one day. So in order for me to make my dream come true. I must first join the varsity team for my last year of school. Then after that make sure that I keep working and working tp get better each day. Why I am working hard to get basketball scholarships make sure I keep my grades up that I can graduate high school. During this school year make sure I get all my games taped so that even if I don’t get any offers I can still send my tapes out to colleges. After high school the colleges I am considering are Syracuse, Temple, Penn state, and Morgan state. So in order for me get these schools to come look at I must really stand out, work hard and be the best I can be because they are all division 1 schools. Where all the best players in the country go. So after I graduate this year I will continue to work. And by then if I have no schools looking at me I may attend Community College of Philadelphia next fall to get my grade point average up. One of my most important goals in life is to just a have college degree. I would like to have a degree in business management and finance aid or even a real estate agent. Having a college degree now a days can really help alot because its so hard to find a job even if you have a