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Bryant Almazo
College/Career Goals We always complain about how we want more of something, but we never can because in a way we mess up doing it. Everyone can plan ahead before any situation it might involve school, work, or at home everyone should plan ahead. Me, has a high school student should already have an idea of what I want to study or what I want to do with my life and with that I should have a plan or goals I want to accomplished. Two of my college goals are to get a minor in business and major in mechanical engineering. Two of my career goals are to work in a big car company and to be one of the best engineers in the business. A minor in business will help me if I want to build or construct my own little car company or something related to that, it might be the place that the car company gets their engines or designs. Another way this is will help if I want to have a little business on the side besides my career has a mechanical engineer. Some of the steps I’m taking are researching what is “business” because I have no idea what it involves or what’s a minor in business. Some of the things I’ve found that it involve accounting and financing. The things I still need to do is sign up for business classes my senior year so I’ll have a picture of what they do and if it interests me. The career or job that caught my attention ever since in middle school was to be mechanical engineer and I want that to be my mayor in college. The things im doing now is taking CAD. That class involves designing and building objects and that gives us an idea what kind of stuff civil engineer or any type of engineer, also it gives us college credits and it helps our GPA. The things I still need to do are look for a college that offer that mayor and that accepts my CAD credits. This mayor is very important to me because I’ll be the first engineer in my family and the first to go to college and finish it with a mayor. Another reason why is important is the feeling that I’ll be able to have a stable job and buy a house or build one my parents and for myself and my family. I want to become an engineer that companies or cooperation’s will offer me jobs, the minute I get out of colleges because an engineer that study’s or works for a bachelor’s degree gets paid the normal wage, around $60,000 and an engineer that has his masters will get paid around $90,000 range. Also if the person has enough experience will get paid even more so those are some reasons why I want to be the top engineer available. The things I’m doing is getting ready mentally because the career