Career Interest Profile Paper

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Career Interest Profile Paper
Jonathan Contreras
BCOM 275
Mr. Sanderson

Career Interest Profile Paper Based on the Career Interest profiler results, I received the following traits: conventional, investigative, and enterprising. To be honest, I did not expect to be conventional but after considering this, I realize I am. In short words, to be conventional means to follow the rules. I have always worked by the rules from the house rules my parents made, to the school rules so I would not face suspension, and to the rules of the law. Secondary, who is not investigative? In other words, investigative is using curiosity. I mean my whole life is full of curiosity. I use it to solve my critical thinking problems. I like to consider myself as a strategist because I use my curiosity to figure out how I am going to get through something. If something were to go wrong, no problem, I will have a backup plan in reserve just in case. Finally, the last result I got was enterprising. Going through the description I realize that this basically involves reliability. Now I know I can be reliable to myself in getting something done, yet I have always felt like I am not much of a leader when it comes to working in a group. When working in a group, I always complete my part of the work because it is not fair to have them trust me and fail them like that. I am a risk taker when it comes to decision making because new results can be a good or bad outcome and make us wiser. So not only am I reliable to myself when it comes to enterprising, but to everyone I work with. One of the career matches it gave me was a librarian. This will