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Career Interests Paper
Tyrone Bullocks
Oct,13 2014
Robert Jenkins
Career Interests Paper
Enterprising, Artistic, and Social were my three profilers. These matched up directly in tune with my career path or paths. Becoming an entrepreneur is a long term goal that I have set for myself. I will say that numerous other career matches lined up also such as a coach or pastor. These are things that I also feel that I could do or would like to be in life. By completing this exercise there are many other things that I have learned about myself. Not only the different paths I could take and careers I could pursue in this game of life. But also some of the other avenues artistically that I sometimes ignore. For instance my passion and appreciation for music and fashion, it is refreshing to see how something as simple as this could have a 30 year old man like myself dreaming again. And giving me the motivation to see this as another milestone in life. In the business industry whether it be a major corporation or a mom and pop restaurant. I feel that there is a necessity to be socially inclined, not only to those you are doing business with but also the consumer. There were some surprises such as a choreographer and referee. I played a ton of basketball growing up and as a player I couldn’t stand those guys. And even now today as a fan I still cannot stand them. Again this was a great tool that we used. Using it and seeing how it gives you a sense of direction. For some