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Physical therapists help individuals with illnesses, diseases, or injuries improve their ability to move and help manage their amount of pain (“Bureau of labor statistics,”2012). Physical therapists provide patient care to all ages. They are often apart of rehabilitation and treatment of patients with chronic conditions, injuries, or illnesses (“Bureau of labor statistics,”2012). Physical therapists use many different exercises to help patients gain and keep movement, evaluate their progress, and set up plans for their patients. Physical therapists are able to specialize in several different areas like cardiopulmonary physical therapy (, 2009). Cardiopulmonary physical therapists focus on physical function for those with cardiopulmonary disease. They evaluate effects of treatment at various stages and adjust treatments to achieve maximum benefit.
Psychologists study the mind and human behavior by examining how people act (2012). They examine both normal and abnormal aspects of human behavior. Some psychologists work with patients, identify and diagnose problems, and run a variety of psychological tests (2012). Psychologists may also design, develop, and evaluate materials and procedures in order to solve problems in training and educational programs. Psychologists can specialize in many areas such as industrial and psychometric. Industrial psychologists use scientific techniques to deal with problems of motivation and morale in a work setting (2012). Psychometric psychologists directly measure human behavior through the use of tests. They design, develop, and validate intelligence, aptitude, and personality tests (2012).
Both physical therapists and psychologist provide some type of patient care. They both evaluate their patient’s progress and try new treatments as needed (“Bureau of labor statistics,”2012). Also, they set up plans, goals, and planned treatments for their patients (“Bureau of labor statistics,”2012). Psychologists are a lot different from physical therapist because they study