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Career Path
Denzel White
April 12, 2015
Dr. George R. Monk

Career Path
The University of Phoenix provide for their students a wide range of tools and different assets to help their students have a great opportunity to be highly successful. These tools help the students prepare themselves for the future and for the workforce adventure. One of the tools recommended by the school that it provides is the career interests profiler. The Career Interest Profiler gives students the opportunity to set goals to achieve their desired occupation. The results that I received from completing the Career Interest Profiler were very surprising indeed because upon me entering school I was undecided with what I wanted to do. In my case I didn’t really know what jobs were out there that were available to me in the job field that I’m pursuing. I was really happy with the results and it gave me motivation to give my all while in school. There were three job occupations that interested me the most relating to my field of interest. The first occupation that interested me was the Business Analyst Manager. I was able to search the job sites that were available to me pertaining to this occupation. With the Career Interests Profiler, it enabled me to see the job salaries, qualifications, and the high demand interest in this occupation. I found out things I didn’t know before and now I know what I need to do to prepare myself for this occupation. Out of my top three job interests, there was some things that I found to be more interesting than others. Through this, it gives me a broad range of jobs to…