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Career Plan

Career Plan Interest Profile: Conventional, Social and Enterprising.

Competencies: Coping with pressure, following instructions, delivering results, goal focus, adhering to values and cooperating.

Work Culture: High powered, ethical and supportive.

In the career plan interest profile my results showed that I was conventional, social and enterprising. Conventional careers involve following a set routine and procedures. This usually requires the employee to adhere to a chain of command. Social careers involving working, teaching, helping and communicating with others. Enterprising careers often involve leading people and working with other businesses. I found that my competencies results showed that I cope well with pressure, follow instructions, deliver results, goal focused, adhere to values and cooperate with others. Coping with pressure can be used in many different job areas. I found in my research that to be apart of management you must be able to deal with the rapid change in the work environment (Demers, Colman, 2003). To do so you must be able to cope with pressure. There is constant pressure when in a management position. You must juggle many different skills when taking on such a job such as organization, training, staffing, career planning, work place diversity, etc. Another job I found that would work well with my competencies was a secretary. In my research I found that to be a secretary you must be able to cooperate with other (copywriters, 2009) As a secretary you are constantly dealing with different people and can not let others actions and attitudes affect the work you do. When observing the results from my work culture preferences I found that I would succeed in a culture that is high powered, ethical and/or supportive. I feel that working in management would fit my work cultures. Working in a high power work culture means searching for career development, having the chance to learn new skill frequently, working in different places, high salary and high chance of