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Eva Kiss
4) Then mockingjay is a crossover of a blue jay and a mocking bird. The game makers decided they did not want this bird anymore, so they tried to dispose of the bird. But, the bird did not go. It resembles a rebellion, and so does Katniss. Not only does the bird symbolize something, it helps Katniss and Rue with survival purposes. They use the birds mocking ability to contact each other and signal they're okay.
5) Katnisss life is a big secret, a secret that if exposed could damage her and her families ability to survive. Katniss is considered lucky in my eyes to be able to hunt with Gale and sell and consume her catching. Compared to other residents of district 12, she has a lot. A form of income (selling her catching), a food source (sister’s goat and hunting) and a hobby with a friend (hunting). If any serious detail is exposed in the arena, her reluctant lifestyle will deteriorate. Since the other districts do not know of her capabilities, they do not know how much of a threat she can be or how to deal with her. Along with keeping her talents a secret, she must seem to be in love with Peeta and wear her "innocent love mask".
6) Peeta explains how he feels about the Hunger Games and tries to get Katniss to comprehend what he says. How he remain true to himself by not becoming a piece and really trying to win. All he wants to do is survive and he explains that to Katniss. She finally understands when Rue died for no apparent reason; all she was trying to do was survive. But the boy who stabbed her wanted to win. He became a part of the games as one of the pieces, manipulated. These characteristics are displayed very well when Peeta and Katniss plan to die together and they don’t care about winning.

2) The capitol explains how the country was in despair and had no hope but the help of the capitol to "put the peace and organization" back into civilization. They try to portray that they are the saviors of all the districts and that life would be a struggle without they're help. Since certain districts get special treatment, District 1, they feel superior to the other districts, as it's already established before entering the arena