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Career Exploration Reflection Paper
Marco de Oliveira
April 28, 2015
Harold Ricardo
Career Exploration Reflection Paper In the previous paper specific to the Career Exploration tool, I explained how the tool really didn’t apply to my situation. This was my conclusion being that I am seasoned and several years into my current career. However this class without a doubt applies to my current and future positions and progression within my field.
How This Class Applies To My Career Plan
I could probably type a 2000 word paper on how communication and this class specifically apply to may current career path…but I will keep it short and to the point. In my environment both in regards to face-to-face sales meetings, phone conversations and email correspondence, communication is paramount. When I initially speak to my prospects be it via an email initially then an actual conference call, they are already assessing their opinion of me. This initial opinion will be the basis for them to decide if I am credible and if there is an interest to explore my company’s products in more detail. If I communicate clearly and concisely to them by only providing enough information to strike their interest, a discovery call is usually forthcoming.
The second piece of communication is the verbal aspect. Once I have the opportunity to meet with them, which initially is via a conference call, I must put my best foot forward. I do all the research on the company I can before the call by going to their website and also utilizing LinkedIn. I do this in the hopes of gathering as much data on the company as well as the decision makers that I will be speaking to. This will allow me the opportunity to break the ice and also show that I did my homework and understand what his/her company does. If I am successful in assessing their needs and aligning them with the products my company offers, then either a second call will result or an imminent face-to-face meeting.
The culmination of all the aspects of the sales cycle is truly based off of what I refer to as the communication cycle, will result in a face-to-face meeting. In that meeting, all the work put towards communication, both verbally and electronically will be put to test. I have seen many