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Alex DeRyke
Professor Thompson When I have my applied associates degree in criminal justice from Monroe Community College, I plan to go on to the Army and serve my country for a few years then it would be to go on to be a law enforcement officer for a city. My goal would be to move to Arizona and work as a law enforcement officer in a city. When doing my research on being a law enforcement officer in Arizona. Looking for a city that had a website with enough information about entry level positions in their department was the city of Prescott Arizona. The reasons to why I wouldn’t mind working for the City of Prescott Police Department is because I would be in Arizona and from being there I would like the area that I would be working in, and the police department seems to like military personnel. The minimum qualifications that the Prescott Police Department requires that you be a minimum age of 20 years old, be a U.S. Citizen at the time of application, have a G.E.D or High School diploma, and if one has military experience, I must have an honorable discharge. Then when one applies for an entry level position in the Prescott Police Department, I would have to go through 660 hour, 17 week Police academy a benefit of being in the police academy other than gaining comradery with my fellow peers would be getting paid while there. When hired there would be a 12 month probationary period where the Police department could fire me for any reason without cause. I would receive training required for my position that would be fire arms, defensive tactics, I would be fully certified in CPR and first aid, along with other areas needed by the state federal law. The salary range that is in place for this police department starts from $42,660-$60,736 which is close to $10,000 over the average yearly pay a regular student coming out of a four year college would earn. Benefits in the Prescott Police Department is that when working or being assigned to another position, such as being a part of the k-9 unit, or range master, I would get an increase in pay from $1-$2 (being the maximum) per hour. Now, that’s not a lot of extra pay for working in another position that I would not be