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I grew up watching my mother care for elderly folks in a nursing home when I was six years old. I also helped her with some of the duties that she had to do at the home. By me having his experience, it encouraged me to do the same thing when I get older. By the time I hit middle school I knew exactly that I wanted to be a nurse just like my mother. I was young but I really enjoyed helping people. They could be sick; disabled just in the need for help. I am willing to help you. I really started to understand more about helping people that weren’t able to help themselves. I liked to visit nursing homes and hospitals to see how many nurses were there in that society. It has been proven that the job outlook is expected to grow 26% from 2010 to2020. Nurses provide good patient care assistance to people. I’m not sure about the courses that I will need to take for this career, but I am willing to take whatever courses I need to accomplish my career goal.

1. Why did you choose this particular career?

Ans: As I mentioned above, I grew up wanting to be a nurse like my mother was. I really enjoyed helping my mother care for people that were sick. I have even had my very own experience of being a nurse. This happened when my grandfather got ill. My grandmother had gone out of town. I was only fifteen years old. I had to care for my grandfather because I was the only one there to do so. I was obligated to do this. My grandfather really needed me to do, because he was ill. That experience made me more determined about becoming a nurse in my future.

2. What personality characteristics are likely required for this career? How does you own personality match/not match?

Ans: Seeking some tools about personality characteristics online, wiki answers (2013), the personality characteristics stated that in order to be a good RN, one must have good personality skills as the