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Career Research
I’ve been highly interested in the writing field for quite some time now. A novelist is probably one of the most common in that field. Basically, to become a novelist, you don’t necessarily need specific schooling - just a gift in writing. However, to better yourself, you can take classes to strengthen your writing skills. A novelist writes stories, usually really long ones. It’s recommended to write about two books annually, with 200,000 words per book. This career is really hard to pursue, as authors have a hard time completing a work, and many authors do not get published. Another career in this field is a food critic. You don’t need an advanced degree to become a food critic. Although you do need credentials to state yourself an expert in food tasting. An aspiring food critic might want have some sort of degree in journalism or English to perfect their writing skills. It’s ideal to take a class to understand basic food composition. There are culinary programs offered specifically for food critics, where you learn how to properly taste food and write effective critiques based upon that food. Very few critics are widely known, you need to be unique and stand out from all the rest. Becoming a columnist would be pretty exciting. You get to write about trends and things going on in the social/entertainment world. A columnist is almost exactly the same thing as a journalist, so the schooling is rather similar. You need to have an undergraduate’s degree in something like English or communications. After completing that, you need to get a second degree for a more developed background. Lastly, it is required that you take an internship which help provide real-world experiences. The second field I’m interested in is the Social Worker field. A Child Life Specialist is currently my dream job. The better education you have, the higher position you’ll have, which means a higher pay. You need to be strong mentally; due to the fact you’re dealing with children in turmoil and are often very sick. Educationally wise, you need a bachelor’s degree. You’ll need to study education in family counseling, bereavement, child development, family dynamics, and cultural sociology. It also would be helpful to study medical terms, so you can get a better understanding of what’s wrong health wise with the child you are attending to. Before you get the job title, you must complete 480 hours of interning as a child life specialist. Mental Health therapists cover a broad subject of career positions. There are many you could choose from, but the most basic needs are of course a masters and bachelor’s degree. But all states require you to have a counseling license. Basically, all that applies for a child life specialist applies to become a mental health therapist as well. Lastly in this field, I would like to be a Children’s Social Worker. You also need a bachelor’s degree in a social work program. General social work classes are acceptable, but you may want to consider a class in child welfare. A child social worker helps children and also their families. They also try to improve their life by counseling. They can also assist students with academics. Child social workers can pretty much work