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Art Science and fun.

I choose to look into the career field of baking. I absolutely love to bake and I like to be in charge. I want to own a bakery. I have so many strengths and the skills that will help me in order to be successful in this career field and be capable to do this job. These skills are, being able to be organized, being able to use time management, and I am able to be in charge and take a leadership role when needed. In order to get this job i would need to get an associates degree in business management. I have already taken a few culinary arts classes and also I was a Teachers assistant in a culinary arts class with younger students and was able to take a leadership role. The average salary for this career is anywhere from $28,000 to $44,000. With this salary I would be able to have a nice house along with my family. I would be able to live comfortably and happy.

The first place was Greater Grace Church. I came across this volunteer opportunity because I was already attending the group. The person that was previously volunteering had gotten sick and couldn’t do it anymore. The group leader knew that I had already worked with little kids in the past and asked me if i could lead the child care room. There were a group of kids from the ages of 3 to the ages of 12 years old. I was able to read to them, watch movies with them, and play with their toys. My goal with working there was to build a relationship with the children and to keep them happy.

The second place I volunteered was The URS Club Inc. When I was there, I worked behind the counter serving food and coffee. I also help set up different meetings and getting the rooms prepared. I had to clean up and check the bathrooms to see if the needed toilet paper. In volunteering at this establishment I met a lot of new people, and gained new friends. I was also able to make a difference in my community by helping sick people to get better, While getting better myself. While I was volunteering here I only had one bad experience. That experience was that I watched someone over dose on a few different drugs and had to be taken to the hospital. I was lucky enough to have a few other people working there with me to handle the situation properly.

During the last two quarters I visited the college The Oregon College of Art and Craft. What I learned about this college was that people come all across the world to go to this college. The campus is around 10 acres of land and has a campus living situation with co-ed housing. The college I thought the college was really nice, the campus is beautiful. I wouldn’t attend school there, but I think some of the classes are really amazing. There are a lot of great art classes offered, but I would rather keep my art as a hobby than to do it all the time. I feel like if I turned my hobby into an all the time thing I would get tired of doing some of my favorite things.

The career site that I visited was Helen Bernhard Bakery. I would love to work at this bakery, I think that it would be a fantastic opportunity. The bakery is huge, and there are so many thing that you can do there. I could learn so much from