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For as long as I can remember, I could not wait to grow up and go to college. Since then I have had a surplus of ideas of what I wanted to study and what career I wanted to pursue out of college, only recently have I discovered the name for what I’ve been striving to discover: Informational Technology Project Manager. In short Project Managers plan, initiate and manage IT projects. I chose this career because it combines all of my interests and skills into one job; organization, planning, designing and traveling (traveling depends of specific job and company). One of the things that interested me most about this career is that there are a number of jobs in all career fields that look for someone with the skill sets of a Project Manager varying …show more content…
And as you did grow up, you found out more of your interests and how those could be associated with a degree and a future job. Well, in the last year I have discovered a lot about my skills and what I am interested in and like I said at the beginning of this essay was that I could never quite fit those interests with a career or major, until recently. I recently met my boyfriend’s twenty-four-year-old sister whom graduated from the University of Florida and as we were talking she began to tell me about what she majored in and her current job; right then and there I knew what job I had been looking for and luckily got me the perfect interviewee for this paper. Mackenzie Hanna’s official job is an event and projects coordinator for an IT company called the ASCII Group and she graduated from North Florida with a degree in communications with a track in public relations. Mackenzie confirmed a lot of what I had read from sources like the Occupational Outlook Handbook that said having organizational and communicative skills are important to her job and jobs similar to hers because a lot of what her job is is organizing and putting together projects and with that you have to have authoritative communication skills to get the results that you want. I asked her what her favorite part about her job is and she replied that she is lucky enough that her company sends her all around the country for different projects. One of the important characteristics of a job that interests me is the probability of me being able to travel and do my job, traveling is something that I look to do in my future and if I can do that with a career, that’s even better. I asked Mackenzie what she thinks employers look for most for this job in an employee and she responded by saying