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Career Research Project
The purpose of this report is to throw light on the position and the average salary of the Transportation Analyst. This report includes responsibilities of a Transportation Analyst and salary figures, including my personal views about the responsibilities and salaries.
Transportation Analyst, MAPLE LEAF FOOD INC. NOC#1476
Job description:
The Transportation Analyst at MAPLE LEAF FOOD INC. has one major responsibility that is to contact various freight companies, build relationships with them and learn to negotiate fees for the transportation of goods. So, as Transportation analysts I will be constantly learning new things about this huge industry from the various industry players I will meet along the way. However, the responsibilities does not end over here, it includes number of tasks like gathering information, analysing and printing reports which is quite long process for which lots of research is conducted and report is prepared for which I do not feel I have any interest.

Though, the Transportation Analyst job is very interesting, as it include multi-tasks but the position demands a person who is having depth knowledge of shipping customs and a familiarity with geographic information systems as opposite to this, I have more interest in doing job like Financial Accountant.

Salary: Source | Average salary | Conestoga College Graduate report | $43,896 | | $69,000 | | $50,964 |

The reasons for the variations in salaries of the Transportation Analyst can be because of the geographical area where the company is located. Moreover, companies larger in size provide more salaries as compare to smaller sized companies.
As comparing to the other jobs, the transportation Analyst job is quite demanding. So keeping in mind about the various functions perform by the personal the average salary should be maximum $55,000 indeed which is provided by some companies.
Transportation Analyst handle almost every duties that is related to transporting goods counting from providing safe and cost effective transportation to preparing reports and analysing it.