I Want To Be A Teacher

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Mrs. O’Rafferty
English 4
Period 3
Senior Project The career I want to be in is teaching. The reason why I choose this career is because of a few teachers that have inspired me to learn new things. I want to be able to give knowledge to those who are unaware of things they have not yet been taught. If it was something I found interested in, I would automatically love learning about it. I want to give others a chance to experience new and exciting things. I also like being very helpful and give positive energy. I also enjoy the summer vacation. I hope to also start a side business for the summer time. I do not know that much about being a Teacher, but I do apprehend a few basic sense and facts. Teachers most likely enjoy working with kids and have patience’s with them. You would have to feel comfortable speaking in a public setting; rather it is just in front of the kids or with your co-workers in a meeting. I believe you also have to have a little creativity to make the teaching environment alive and comfortable for everyone and yourself. I assume that Teachers have to make time to plan lessons and grade papers/test before grading period. Teachers also have the responsibility to communicate with the student’s guardians for good or bad news. There are a few things I would like to find out about being a Teacher. First I would like to find out rather I want to teach elementary or high school. This I am very indecisive about and I wonder if I can teach elementary for a few