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Career Major Research Project
(Criminal Justice)

EDUC. 1300
April 21, 2013

Sources: The career that I have chosen not since I enrolled college but since I was in middle school is somewhat related on the criminal justice field in my point of view. As of today I haven’t changed my mind on what I want to study everything that has some kind of relation to law and criminal justice, is my passion if I could say it like this! An immigration lawyer has been my main, more than anything else, I’m considered as a Hispanic and I would gladly love to help others that have problems with immigration and want a better future for their families. A lawyer can be described as an advocate, counselor, and adviser to those whom your representing. One of the careers that I can say is related to criminal justice would be a “paralegal” basically being the assistant of an attorney. However, they are not allowed to represent cases out in the court, what a paralegal would do is help a lawyer investigate the facts of cases and make sure that all relevant information is given. Once I have received my degree on criminal justice, my next plan towards my career is transferring into a law school and not only graduating from there but also having my own business. As a lawyer several skills are needed as having good communication skills, listening skills, and not only that but you have to be willing to work extra hours including doing research and preparing your cases for the next day or so. You need to counsel your clients about the rights they have, what must be done to try to help them the most you can and have a good outcome to the case. As Anna Lee mentions in her interview in the video “Law careers: so many choices” she thinks that her main interest is to serve the public and each other in the community, which I agree with her, for someone to be in to this career their main goal should be wanting to help those who are in need of it and serve them as they should with all the rights. As a lawyer you must be good on doing research, reading books, looking up for information or even making interviews, they also make arguments after making all the research necessary to defend their clients. Most of the time lawyers work at their office and courtrooms. The requirements of a lawyer are to have a college degree and attend a law school for a minimum of three years, even though they have the requirements needed, a lawyer needs to keep on learning about all the changes throughout the laws not only on the state but also the country. As many of you may know there is several kind of lawyers, but every lawyer specializes themselves in a specific field, once you know your lawyer’s field you can make sure you get the help you need on your case. Lawyers are divided into two groups if you may so criminal and civil, criminal obviously relating to laws, personal injury cases, and crimes. The next lawyers I’m about to mention are some of the different kind of lawyers there is out in your necessity. Divorce lawyers, would focus more on annulment and divorce, going through a divorce is a long and complicated process by hiring a lawyer this can become easier and prevent you from taking the divorce to court and helping with child custody. A civil lawyer deals more with business, as marriages, divorce, medical malpractices, and property disputes. Family lawyers offer a variety of services as divorce once again, child adoption, and domestic violence. Criminal lawyers work with people who have been accused of committing crimes, these lawyers defend cases from assault, fraud, and murder. Injury lawyers and taxes lawyers are other two types in which injury lawyers help victims get some kind of compensation for the