Careers For History Majors Essay

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Document Analysis Worksheet
(Adapted from a document created by the Education Staff,
National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC 20408).

1. What is the title of this document?
Careers For History Majors
2. Date(s) the document was originally produced:
3. Who is (are) the author(s) [or creator(s)] of this document?
American Historical Assosiation/ Barbara H. Howe
4. Title (occupation) of the author(s)
5. What type of document is this? (example: poem, personal letter, government report, newspaper article, diary, academic journal, patent, memorandum, map, telegram, press release, advertisement, congressional record, census report). Informational from a website

6. Is this a primary source or a secondary source? Why?
Secondary source because it is a recreation of the original document.

7. Who is the original primary audience or intended recipient of the document?

History Majors

8. Why do you think this document was written? Write in your own words.
This document was written to inform History majors of the jobs that they can pursue.

9. List three things the author said that you think are important. Write in your own words.
1. History Majors can be educators
2. History Majors can become researchers
3. There are many different things that one can do with a degree in History

a) Write down what you consider the most powerful quote from the