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The National Restaurant Association is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has other offices located throughout Chicago. They offer full time employees a comprehensive benefit package, including health care, vacation and leave time, a 401K plan and an educational assistance program. The National Restaurant Association offers a wide range of positions within the food industry, including front and back-of-house, servers and kitchen staff. Some of the managerial positions offered are, Beverage manager who oversees the management and profitability of bars and lounges. Catering manager, who’s responsible for all catering functions from origination to execution, include delegating responsibilities. The Catering manager also works with the sales personnel to generate new business and maintains contact with clients. The Dining Room manager supervises the dining room operation and coordinates food service activities. They’re also in charge of supervising and training employees, as well as estimating food and beverage costs and buys supplies. The Executive Chef is responsible for the kitchen and ensures it provides nutritious, safe and eye appealing dishes. The Executive Chef also plans the menu, prepares the budget and is in charge of the maintenance of payroll and food cost records.
They have two positions for the General Manger role at the National Restaurant Association; full service and quick service. Under the full service role, the General Manager would coordinate the restaurant’s foodservice activities. He (or she) would be in charge of estimating the food and beverage costs and purchasing the supplies, equipment, and food and beverages. The General Manger discusses the food preparation and other personnel from the dining room, bar and banquet team to plan menus and related activities. They oversee cleaning and maintenance of equipment and facilities and ensures that all health and safety regulations are followed. They coordinate the hiring, assignment, training, motivation and termination of personnel and investigates and resolves food quality and service complaints.
The General Manager, under the quick service role, would be in charge of maintaining overall management responsibilities for the foodservice establishment. Directs, coordinates, and participates in preparation, cooking, wrapping or packing food serviced or prepared by establishment, collects payment from in-house or take-out customers, and assembles food orders. Coordinates workers who keep business records, collect and pay accounts, order or buys supplies, and deliver food to retail customers. Responsible for interviewing, the hiring and training of personnel.
The American Hotel & Lodging Association offers students the opportunity to take part of their network of industry executives and can attend various conferences and events. While their roles don’t seem to be described as in depth with the positions at the National Restaurant Association, they seem to offer the same positions as described but also some additional ones. The Hotel Manager is responsible for the daily management of all hotel operations including the Rooms and Food and Beverage divisions. The Hotel Manager reports directly to the General Manager.
The General Manager must possess the ability to understand and support Sales and Revenue Management and has a track record of increasing revenues and guest satisfaction through guest service strategies; has a mentoring management style in continuing to develop all staff. The Operations Manager analyzes and manages financial results of the store to ensure maximum profits are balanced with customer satisfaction and associate satisfaction. They ensure on a daily basis that the stores are open and staffed appropriately, the store is clean, inventory levels are appropriate and equipment is working properly. Supervises the day to day activities of associates and assigns responsibilities for specified work. Monitors and maintains all