Careers in the Industry Essay

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Careers in the Industry
Ruth Williams
Instructor Griffin
Careers in the Industry

The top three careers that I would choose for myself from the table in Appendix E are; Customer Service Representative, Food and Beverage Operations Specialists, and Information Management Specialist, because I have a love for people and food and these choices will allow me to embark on a career path that would have my undivided attention.
Customer Service Representative handles and deals with everything from customer complaints, processing orders, as well as providing information about an organization’s products and services, and is something that I have prior skills in. Food and Beverage Operations Specialist for me would deal with, catering and providing food services, and management of food and beverage within budgetary guidelines, and overseeing and readiness of any business or facility, such as when I managed a restaurant for two years. In the future I will own my own catering business, and the skills that I have acquired will definitely come in handy, and will help me maintain a good work ethic as well as business. Information Management Specialist will allow me to demonstrate my skills in consulting, promoting, and marketing, which is good information that is needed to promote new ideas and strategies for any new company or existing company that may hire or employ me.
My three choice’s would be a good fit for me, because I have prior experience in these fields, such as customer service