Carees: School Counselor and Life Essay

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“What careers and majors interest you the most and why?” The careers that most interest me I would have to say it would be one in the business field. I have come to this decision through years of considering many other options. At the end of the process I came to decide on business. I believe I can truly make a difference, I wanted to go into business thinking I don’t want to be one of those people in life that aren’t remembered once they have passed on. I want to be remembered as a true man that cared for many of people of all races and genders. With business I truly believe that I would be capable of doing such, it would allow me to learn the ropes of how to start my own business and learn the do and the don’ts. I have always dreamed of starting up my own non-profit organization and to do this I would have to be able to properly open and maintain this organization. Because non-profits just don’t appear the next morning you wake up, in every non-profit there are hours upon hours of people working behind the scenes to make these wonderful programs come to life. So for myself to be able to do such I will have to learn and teach myself and other how to accomplish these goals. “Who is an adult you admire? What is their occupation? Is this something you are interested in? Why?” One adult in my life that I truly admire is a wonderful woman by the name of Marraine Morris, wife of Wendell Morris and mother of Jonathan Morris. This family has truly changed my life, coming from a broken home were neither of my parents cared about me, college or even high school, I found it very difficult at times in my life to care as well. One day I was at a really low point in my life so I went to a school counselor at my high school and there I met these wonderful women Marraine Morris. She was a Home Economics teacher and our high school counselor there. For many days I went and just enjoyed that someone actually listen and care for what I had to say. This women single handily changed my life! I admire this woman for the fact of she truly loves her job, she tries her hardest to do the best she can possibly do to make someone’s life even just a fraction bit better! She took me in as a part of her family and now her family is what I consider my true family yet we aren’t blood related but I can actually say with her I have a mother son bond something I never had. All because she listened to me and the rest is history. I honestly don’t know if I could be a